First we thoroughly inspect the wire, which is wrapped on large coils, then run it onto straightening machines and cut it to size, or process it on bending machines directly from the coil into semi-finished products. Wire is a common material: it is found in all areas of life.

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Seemingly unspectacular but extremely versatile in application. We obtain our wire only from qualified suppliers in specially selected quality and according to certain specifications. • 25 tonnes of wire per day at the Wehingen factory alone • 10,000 tonnes of wire is processed in the Schnee-Gruppe per year • Diameters between 1.5 and 8 mm from coils or from bars


From the very beginning, we come up with ideas, provide support during implementation and provide the impetus for economic production already during the development phase. Unique expertise and many years of experience ensure the optimal process steps.

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Function, dimensional stability, weight, stiffness, resilience, durability, visual, sensory: From the outset, these "co-ordinates" are optimized by our designers in order to provide our customers with solutions that prove their worth in practical applications. Ideas for novel solutions come to fruition holistically and in detail in our development department. This is where our unique expertise is put to use in an organized way. And this is where we gather real-world experiences, which flow into improvements in production.

  • Production engineering consultation of the development departments
  • Co-engineering or complete development
  • Production optimization
  • Development, design and construction of production facilities and devices at the Wehingen factory
  • Proprietary development of product-specific production components
  • Optimization or process-relevant customization of standard machines


The Schnee-Gruppe is characterized by a high level of in-house production at all locations. With largely identical, partly proprietarily developed and manufactured production technology according to the highest industrial standard.

Tool production

Manpower and technology for tools, devices and special machinery. The company's construction of its own tools for welding and forming tools ensures availability and quick response times. Construction of our own tools and devices is needed to turn ideas into products quickly.

  • Quick responses to customer requests
  • Flexible implementation of new projects


Our modern machine park, with CNC-controlled 3D bending machines, highly qualified employees and decades of experience, ensures that your wire product idea becomes a marketable, technically well-developed and series-optimized product - in any batch size, even as an individual component in 3D bending technology. We can bend just about anything - give us a try.


Ultra-modern 6-axis welding robots in combination with changing devices guarantee maximum flexibility in MIG/MAG and TIG welding. Freely programmable welding cells and partially automated resistance and projection welding systems round out our technological capabilities.

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  • In-house competence
  • Resistance welding of grating structures and wire crossing points  
  • MIG/MAG/TIG welding for safety welds or joints with visual requirements
  • Welding of mechanical assemblies   
  • Spot welding for wire and sheet metal joints       

Surface refinement

Corrosion protection and damage protection, identification and tactile concerns are some of the aspects that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right surface refinement. We use the fluidised bed coating process to obtain a high-quality polyamide coating on wire products with a wire diameter of up to 14 mm.


Assembly up to the ready-to-install product or system in high variance.

  • Sheet metal, plastic... all material combinations are possible
  • Including parts logistics and purchasing management
  • With integrated testing

Series production

Small, medium and large series each have their own principles. A wealth of experience from decades of production optimization helps us to work economically in every batch size.

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Our customers benefit from this in many ways - whether it be when ordering smaller quantities or adjusting their daily orders to their production volumes. Of course, this is only possible if production is top notch - from prototypes and up to large series.

At all of our locations, we manufacture items with largely identical, partly proprietarily developed and manufactured production technology in accordance with the highest industrial standard. Highly automated welding and bending lines, ultra-modern coating systems, networked and computer-assisted planning, quality management and documentation.


We have developed economical and environmentally friendly packaging that protects our products optimally and which can be partially reused. We also organize the logistics - with selected forwarding companies and our own fleet of vehicles - so that your Schnee-Gruppe products will be delivered to your production lines at the right time.

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Reliable deliveries and just in sequence.    

  • Inventory management system for optimal scheduling 
  • Bar code – first in, first out     
  • High-bay warehouse     
  • 8 jumbo lorries daily with 8 to 10 rack variants, for example, at the Wehingen factory 


Our products need to hold a lot and last a long time. High loads from movement and weight, rough, humid environments, high heat, aggressive chemical substances - they have to put up with a lot. That is why we do not compromise on the quality of our wire solutions.

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Whether in a household dishwasher, an industrial component cleaning system, as a shelf or a shopping cart at the supermarket - if it comes from the Schnee-Gruppe, it has to be premium quality in every detail.   

That is why we rely on comprehensive quality management systems that guarantee process reliability in all stages of production. We see quality as a continuous process in which all employees take part. Preserving and enhancing our own skills in every stage of wire processing is not only a prerequisite for maintaining our independence but also a top quality principle for us.