Three locations - one philosophy 

The Schnee-Gruppe is one of the leading manufacturers of wire solutions. We are at the forefront of introducing new manufacturing techniques and using computer-aided solutions. That is why our products have the same high quality at every one of our production sites.

  • Schnee-Polska Sp.z.o.o.
  • Production capacity per year: approximately 3.8 million racks
  • Total area: 6,000 m2
  • Production area:  2,000 m2
  • Josef Schnee GmbH – Wehingen factory
  • Simultaneous Engineering
  • Process development up to production stage
  • Preparation of market-oriented production Relocation of proven processes
  • Training for all factories
  • Production for the German market
  • Production capacity per year: approximately 5.7 million racks
  • Total area: 20,000 m2
  • Production area: 8,000 m2
  • Schnee Metal, Plastic San. Ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti.
  • Production capacity per year: approximately 2.4 million racks
  • Total area: 17,000 m2
  • Production area: 6,000 m2

The advantages of our innovative powers

Companies do not come into being by chance. On the contrary, they are based on good ideas that can be transformed into convincing products. And companies evolve. This is also true for the Schnee-Gruppe:

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We are a true pioneer in wire technology, and our product range has changed considerably over the long decades the we have been in the business.

And even though wire products and their processing play a leading role for us today, we have developed other complementary techniques, or further developed specific processing capacities into independent core competences.


With our factories in Germany, Poland and Türkiye, we put our capacity as a strong partner for industrial, commercial and residential applications on the international stage.

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In addition to our core competences of bending and welding, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of development, manufacturing and logistics services for wire products.   

  • Production sites as independent production units
  • Process development up to production stage at the main factory in Wehingen   
  • Transferring the tested processes from the main factory to the production sites guarantees production from the outset     
  • Mirrored technology for uniform processes
  • Many generations of products have already been securely implemented at our international locations    



Franz Schnee manufactures parts for the Black Forest clock industry.

Founding of Josef Schnee KG: Production of first household products made of wire.

A new business opportunity opens up: Josef Schnee KG produces inserts for dishwashers.

The first machinery in in-house production.

Rapid development at the factory on Gosheimer Straße.

New construction of the Wehingen factory, Siemensstraße.

Launch of the first fully automatic production line.

Use of the latest technology: the first robot in production and the first CNC bending machine.

Invention of the half-frame technique and use of the first CNC-controlled coordinate welding machine.

Founding of Schnee-Polska in Poland.

Founding of Schnee-Türkiye in Turkey.

Expansion of the Wehingen factory to 20,000 sq m of floor space.