Individual wire solutions 

Our vast experience, our high level of expertise and our unique, flexible production enable us to bend anything out of wire. Give us a try.

Bending technology for our own system production and as an extended workbench for external customers: In the "bending" area of production, we use special machines, some of which are proprietarily developed, to process millions of parts per year in highly automated operations.

Tool production
Our tool and jig production has been our expertise for automated handling and production concatenation for many years. We have proved that we leaders in this field. We create solutions that are not available on the regular market. Solutions that significantly accelerate our production processes and contribute to cost-effectiveness. These include everything from self-designed bending machines to welding lines and coating stations.

Wire bending parts

Glass attachment brackets/swivel attachment brackets for various customer requirements

Materials: St 37 or 1.4301

Surface: PA12-coated, galvanized, chrome plated…

Bent parts or products according to customer drawings

Bent parts or products according to customer drawings