A rack for special occasions 

There are wire solutions that you would not normally come up with. But once you have them, you won't know how you got by without them.

We are able to look after our customers especially intensively, individually and quickly thanks to the vast experience of our designers, the fact that we manufacture our own tools and jigs, and our highly flexible production.

Our Development Department draws upon our experiences with a variety of applications to design proven and durable solutions that are safe and economical, and all of this takes place in close collaboration with our customers.

Our modular production system offers a wide range of capacities, which enables us to use the optimum technology economically for the desired batch size.

Dryer racks

Wire hanging rack with designed sheet metal holders customized to customer needs

Identification plate and operating instructions of aluminium with anodised colour printing

Swivel attachment brackets for different filling PA12-coated surfaces